Astra [ah-strah]
Stars in Greek

Astra is a ship management company operating a fleet of dry and container vessels based in Athens, Greece.
Our fleet under management currently consists of 6 dry cargo vessels and 2 container vessels.

The services offered to our principals include commercial, operations, insurance, technical, safety & quality, purchasing support and crew management.

  • We serve our principals and clients in the most professional and flexible way.
  • We deliver goods around the world for our clients safely, reliably and on time.
  • Our young and experienced team works around the clock to meet our customers’ most demanding needs.
  • The vessels under our management trade in every major commercial area of the world.


Our mission is to provide the most reliable, flexible and efficient ocean transportation services by operating our fleet safely and in the most responsible and environmentally friendly way.
Through our efforts we aim to help advance the shipping industry in parallel with the welfare of the people of this planet.


Our vision is to advance our industry by prioritizing the wellbeing of our planet and its people through managing a modern, flexible and safe fleet of dry cargo and container vessels. Our objective is to expand our fleet while achieving outstanding returns for our shareholders. Our strength is based on our carefully selected and trained employees, at sea as well as onshore, continuously targeting operational and commercial excellence together with the highest safety standards.